Hi Babes! We’re in that post-holiday funk around here, but the new year means we’re that much closer to moving into our new home! The last few months have been hectic given how quickly our home sold (before hitting the market) and that the buyers wanted a quick close, but we’re moved out / closed and are settled in with family for the time being. We definitely miss certain aspects of having “a home”, like being able to decorate for the holidays and having a place for everything, but in all we’re grateful for the memories and are looking forward to creating new memories in the next home! That being said, the one room I do miss is the nursery. There were so many special moments that took place in that room, including lots of one-on-one Mommy and Me time during maternity leave where we read books, did tummy time (wasn’t a fan 🙂 ), played on our play mat, and the list goes on!

This room brought us a lot of joy and I loved spending time there tidying up, folding and putting away laundry, rocking, etc. It’s the one room in the house that felt fresh (after being there almost 9 years) and always caught the best morning light, which is when I took these photos. It was a labor of love putting it all together, but it felt short lived since she was only in it for a little over a year before the move. I thought I’d share the photos and links to some of the items in hopes of bringing others some inspiration for those that will be welcoming little girls into their world in 2020! Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

Crib | Large Rug | Sheepskin Rug (Home Goods) | Pictures (Home Goods but linking similar here and here) | Stuffed Giraffe | Wallpaper | Dresser | Storage Basket | Sheets (they don’t carry this pattern anymore but linking here to the crib sheet page on their site because these are the best + softest!) | Pillows (Home Goods)
Macrame Dreamcatcher (name cutout was made locally and attached)
Shelves | First Tooth / Curl Set
The birdcage and Peter Rabbit music figurine are childhood keepsakes we’re passing down.
Electronic Recliner and Glider | Side Table (this one is from Target and not available anymore but they have lots of other Brass/Marble options)| Acrylic Book Shelves (the exact ones I have aren’t available anymore on Amazon but linking similar ones here)

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