Welcome to the newly rebranded home of www.RachelCourtney.com, Style of Life.

It’s been some time since I’ve created new content, which has given me the space to look at this site through a new lens. Motherhood tends to do that to you in many facets of life and in the most ironic of ways… challenges everything you know about who you are, then spits you out on the other side leaving you feeling like this is always who you’ve been and are meant to be, like coming “home” again.

I like to think this site has evolved with me and followed a similar path. As I thought about the site and its purpose, I realized I’ve never been wholly comfortable sharing my personal life on the internet. It’s not how I envisioned creating digital content and connecting with the world.

As the blog rebrands to share less of my life and more of my mind, I’m lead to share about my intentions, goals, the things that inspire me. After writing this excerpt and deciding on the new name, I googled “style of life” and the phrase is rooted in psychiatry and focuses on the idiographic, nonconscious plan of how humans can find importance and connections with others. I want this space to be a place for digital content creation that connects people with ideas.

“If I was describing this site, I’d say it’s a place to be inspired. To connect people with ideas for leading a purposeful, intentional life.

My ‘Style of Life’ is a nod to slowing down, displaying grace, and finding inspiration and beauty in the mundane — come here to ingest the style of life.”

I’m happy you’re here and thank you for visiting!

Rachel Moore is the owner and sole creator for www.RachelCourtney.com. She resides in the Midwest with her husband, two children, and their family dog. She works in Corporate IT and spends a majority of her free time with family. Her interests and inspiration for this site include fashion and interiors, food, travel, writing, celebrations, and intentional living.