pantry organization

Hi babes! We’ve been tackling home project after home project over here and I recently organized our pantry — there’s not a home project I love more than a good organization sesh! This space became a dumping ground for all things home after our move (think appliance manuals, touch-up kits, etc) and it was time to repurpose it for pantry-only needs 🙂

After our move, we kind of just put food on the eye-level shelves but there was no organization or rhyme or reason to where things went which made things hard to find and overall looked like chaos. I first started by cleaning-out all of the non-pantry items to make room for what would stay, then I started grouping similar items (i.e. canned goods, breakfast items, kid’s snacks, baking goods, pasta/rice, etc.) Once I had a better idea of what I had, then I started hunting for baskets, bins, etc., that would help best organize those items. The things seen here are a combination of finds from Target, Container Store, and Amazon. Linking everything at the bottom of the page.

The door to our pantry is in our main living space, and people pass it when they come into our house, so it’s a space I wanted to be clean and organized… especially since it seems like the door is ALWAYS open (#toddlerlife, can anyone relate!?)

I hope this helps inspire some of your home projects during this season of life. It’s a good time to focus on our homes since it’s the place we’re spending the most time these days!

Storage Baskets (from Target but couldn’t find on their website so linking similar here) | Bamboo Turntables | Bread Box (white, and also available in black) | Glass Storage Canister | White Stackable Baskets | Food Storage Container | Glass Jars | Wood Milk Crate | Wire Baskets | Storage Baskets with Wood Lids (charcoal, and also available in white)

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