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Hi babes! With New Year’s resolutions in full swing and healthy eating at the top of everyone’s list, I wanted to share this salad I’ve been eating on repeat this week. The recipe was inspired by Liz Adams (you can find her on Instagram here). If you don’t follow her already, she’s a Chicago gal and has become such an inspiration for health and fitness but has found a great balance between healthy living and life, which I find particularly relateable — she shares workout circuits and healthy meal options, but she still talks about indulging in wine, pasta, and sweets (hi, that’s me!!)

She has her recipe saved in her Instagram highlights if you’re interested in the original, but here’s my take on her healthy option! I love to eat salads for lunch, but probably like most of you, I need to switch it up or I get bored with the same old options. Most of this I found at Trader Joe’s, but you can likely find good substitutes at any of your local grocers.  

Lettuce: I used TJ’s organic kale, it’s washed and pre-cut, so a great option for quick meal prep! Another favorite of mine from TJ’s is the Cruciferous Crunch. It’s a blend of kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and green and red cabbage, and it’s shredded which makes it another good option for quick prep (Liz uses this with hers!)

Persian Cucumbers, Small Sweet Peppers, and Uncured Applewood Smoked Salami

Dressing: (I mix these two, but do a taste test first on the Zhoug sauce if you’ve never had it… it has a kick so the amount you add will be based on personal preference / spicy tolerance :))
Bolthouse Avocado Cilantro Dressing and Zhoug Sauce (from Trader’s Joes, this made all the difference for me because I love spicy but feel free to leave it out altogether if it isn’t your thing!)

Let me know if you try this and share if you put your own twist on it, I’m always looking for new ideas to change things up! Leave it in a comment below so others can see as well!

[My first (4-legged) babe making an appearance in the middle picture… pretty much what feeding time always looks like in our house :)]

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