Life Lately: Our (Future) Home

Hi babes! To say it’s been a minute is an understatement! Life has been CRA-zy around here so I thought I’d do a little life lately update post with some candid iPhone shots to share what we’ve been up to… if you follow me on Instagram you know that we bought a house! Well, we bought an empty lot is more like it 😉

Needless to say a lot of our free time in recent months has been spent with our builder and with their vendors picking out every detail for our new home. It’s been a fun and exciting process but still has its stressful moments.

To give you a little backstory, we built our current house almost 9 years ago but knew it wasn’t going to be our forever home. We originally planned to stay for 5-7 years, then it became 10, so with the 10-year mark in mind we started very casually dipping into the home search process. I really wanted existing — I liked the idea of doing our own updates and felt like that was the only way we’d get the location, lot, and yard we were hoping for, BUT my hubby really wanted to build (again) because of the ease and convenience of it being truly ‘move-in ready’.

Our goal was to be closer to where we grew up, in the same school district, and nearer to some of our family and friends, and my hubby found a new development that met that criteria, plus had a floor plan we loved. Location-wise it was a little farther/less central than where I wanted to be for commute purposes but overall checked most of the boxes (the yard, not so much, but the area has endless walking and bike paths, community parks, and local events that are walkable from the house, so those things offset the yard concerns for me.) We knew if we were going to get one of the more desirable home sites, we had to move quickly… it took some time to reach that point and a lot of “new vs. existing” deliberation between myself and my hubby, but as of June 16th our lot officially said “Sold”! Here are some progress photos, it’s looking more like a house these days and less like an empty lot!

Knowing that a new home was in our future (new or existing), I had started gathering inspiration via Pinterest and Instagram well before we made the decision to move forward. I also knew a new build was a possibility so I organized it by room so we could refer back as we made selections, which was a lifesaver and made it much easier on us both. For those of you who’ve built a home, you know how quickly you need to make those choices so having inspiration to start from helped give us some direction as we navigated that process. Check out my Pinterest inspiration here, and take a look below at some of our final selections.

Thanks for sticking around and following along! I’m excited to share more home content here as we navigate this process. If you’ve built, let me know in the comments what what you loved and what you learned along the way!

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  1. Karen Blanchard
    November 5, 2019 / 8:02 pm

    Looking good!!!

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